What Hasn’t Changed Because of the Pandemic

As a society, because of these vast supply chain disruptions, people have come to accept lousy service as the new normal. As supply chains return to normal and eventually will, we need to overcome mediocre quality service issues.

Building owners and managers want quality service. That means, as an industry, we must get back to having responsive service.

his isn’t new. Providing good quality service remains the hallmark of a good contract service contractor. We cannot let our quality thresholds drop.

Doing proper maintenance is always good for the industry. Good tasking and frequency enhance customer
benefits like indoor air quality, uptime, comfort, equipment energy efficiency, and more.

The fact is, when you have properly maintained systems, you don’t have breakdowns. That system should be able to run without issue. Then you can provide responsive service when the customer does have an emergency breakdown.

We cannot hide behind the supply chain or tolerate mediocre quality service as an industry. In responsive service, we need to enhance communications with customers to explain supply chain issues and how proper maintenance benefits them.

Good quality service and maintenance do not go out of vogue. It’s as essential as ever.

Yes, the pandemic caused many changes, but so much remains the same. As commercial HVAC contractors, we remain in a unique position as relevant resources to building owners and managers.

We must continue positioning ourselves as knowledge leaders who can help or advise customers through their challenges.

There’s still a need to communicate well with customers. The moment of truth is identifying what they need, resolving it, and then closing the loop with the customer and letting them know what you did.

Tom Winstel is president of Enervise, LLC, a commercial HVAC facilities management company headquartered in Cincinnati, OH. Tom is a fourth generation owner whose company offers services ranging from nationwide retrofit and strategic replacement programs, national facility commissioning, and more. He can be reached at ncilink.com/ContactMe.