It allows customers to purchase quality duct system upgrades, potential equipment replacements, and increase their energy efficiency without having to commit a large amount of money upfront.

Financing options can make it easier for customers to choose more expensive, higher-value systems and keep money in their pockets. We live in a subscription economy and consumers are used to getting sold affordable monthly payments alongside upgrades. They are also used to making monthly payments on everything from cars to cell phones.

Other Benefits

This sales approach can cater to buyers looking for short-term promotional financing or those budget-conscious buyers interested in low monthly payments.

Example of offering affordable financing options

Homeowners are not the only ones who benefit from high-performance systems; contractors benefit too. Higher quality systems mean higher ticket prices and increased margins.

Plus, you can grow your business through referrals if you build a reputation for selling products and services that solve customer comfort and energy cost issues.

Don’t Lose Customers Who Need Financing

HVAC financing options are more than just a customer benefit — they’re becoming necessary. In a 1,600-person survey by Mosaic, 35% of homeowners said that financing options are essential in their hiring decision and that they could not take on projects without it.

In today’s economy, customers rely on low monthly payments to help fit upgrades into their budgets. Contractors not offering financing options may lose business to competitors that do.

The most strategic and successful businesses innovate for their customers’ needs. Offering financing options at the point of sale makes it easier for customers to say ‘yes’ to High-Performance HVAC systems.

By breaking it down into affordable monthly payments, customers can get the best system for their budget — and contractors can grow their margins simultaneously. One example of this sales approach is the “Good, Better, Best” technique.

It’s All About the Affordable Options

This sales technique presents customers with three (or more) different system options:

  • Basic repair and air upgrade options tend to be the most cost-effective
  • A more advanced diagnostic testing and solution approach enables customers to choose immediate fixes and other corrective actions
  • And a higher-priced approach that includes duct repairs and equipment changeouts. Though more expensive than the first two options, this one may offer the best savings long-term.

When you present three options including low monthly payments, customers can see that the “best” product option doesn’t have to break their budget, especially with high-performance systems’ added cost-saving benefits.

Choosing a Lending Partner

Whether it is a specialty consumer lender like Mosaic, a local credit union, or a larger bank lender like Wells Fargo, contractors have plenty of choices. It is best to go with the lender that fits seamlessly with your sales process and market strategies.

Some of the questions you can ask lenders to make sure they’re the best choice for you are:

  • Credit requirements
  • Customer experience
  • How and when you’ll get paid
  • What requirements are enforced by the lender?
  • Sales support/hours of operation
  • Technology and performance.

Lenders should offer your business more than just loans. The partnership should include sales training, monthly data reporting, and homeowner support. In these ways, the lender’s value can go far beyond price.

Keep Things Simple

When in doubt, simplicity rules in the world of financing options. Contractors have enough to concentrate on, so offering payments at the point of sale must be a seamless experience. Ultimately, contractors want to run a credit application, get approval, and get paid without a hiccup.

Customers want to afford the best systems without breaking their budget. A good lender should be able to help contractors accomplish both.

Eric Torykian is a business development executive at Mosaic in San Diego, CA. He has been with the company since 2021 and specializes in consumer lending, energy efficiency finance, HVAC finance, and much more. You can reach him at