With inflation top-of-mind, residential customers may hesitate to invest in their HVAC systems through high-performance HVAC technical services or equipment replacements. They may be more concerned with sticking to a budget without considering how the overall value of these adjustments can outweigh the price tag and even save them money on utilities.

High-Performance Contracting is about system performance, not just equipment performance. Like the human body, households have complex systems that work together to function properly. The house itself is a part of the system. If one part is neglected, the other parts will suffer.

Financing makes high-performance affordable
Eric Torykian, Mosaic

When we go to the doctor, they test our temperature, blood pressure, cholesterol, and more. In the same way, HVAC contractors should test and measure airflow, outside air leakage, and temperature rise and drops.

Getting Beyond the High-Performance Benefits

Ignoring any part of this process can prohibit new systems from performing at the top of their specifications, impacting customers’ energy bills and overall satisfaction.

That’s where professional contractors can jump in and help customers understand the benefits of a new, higher-efficiency system specified after taking measurements and testing variables into account. When done correctly, the sales process discovery phase will raise customer questions about household comfort, system efficiency, and even how the right system can help them avoid health concerns like allergies or asthma.

It is easy to list the financial and non-financial benefits of High-Performance HVAC systems. But it is also essential to ensure these better-performing systems are affordable for homeowners.

With the median transactional account balance at $5,300, many U.S. households cannot afford the highest-quality system outright.

Giving customers insights into the benefits of High-Performance HVAC systems is easy. The difficulty comes in helping them figure out how to pay for it. So, how can you help make your products and services more affordable?

Make Better Systems More Affordable

High-Performance HVAC systems offer many benefits:

Financing options can be an excellent opportunity for contractors who specialize in or want to focus on selling more High-Performance HVAC systems. Breaking HVAC project cost into monthly loan payments can lessen the initial sticker shock and help customers afford higher-efficiency system designs and repairs.

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