Some common repairs NCI-certified combustion analysts make after testing and measuring include:

  • Makeup air systems
  • Fan-powered combustion air
  • Double-acting barometric dampers with spill switches
  • Duct renovation
  • New equipment.

Your measurements will guide you to the proper corrections. Once the repairs are complete, confirm your work corrects the problem and performs as intended with appropriate test-out procedures that verify safe operation.

Be Proactive Instead of Reactive

Talking to customers about CO isn’t easy. Don’t get discouraged when people ignore you. Ignore those competitors who call you chicken little. Remember this: if one customer hears what you share, or you help to save one life because of what you teach, all the effort is worthwhile.

Imagine how many lives could have been saved, how many injuries could have been avoided, had consumers living in Texas been well-informed and protected prior to that bitter deep freeze last year.

It’s unfortunate that CO poisoning only becomes a priority after a tragedy. It’s time we took a proactive stance instead of a reactive one. You can help bridge the communication gap between the public and our industry when you look out for your customer’s best interests.