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Fieldpiece STA-2 In-Duct Hot-Wire Anemometer

For this October 2019 review, if you have ever questioned how much air is moving through a duct, the Fieldpiece STA2 Hot-Wire Anemometer can help you figure it out. It is an inexpensive test instrument that allows you to quickly and accurately measure velocity, temperature, and airflow inside a duct system.

Fieldpiece STA2 In-Duct Hot-Wire Anemometer

Fieldpiece STA2 In-Duct Hot-Wire Anemometer

The Fieldpiece STA2 has a backlit dual display that allows you to measure velocity in fpm (feet per minute) and calculate airflow in cfm (cubic feet per minute) with the appropriate duct dimensions entered on the same screen.

With the push of a button, it also shows the dry bulb temperature in the duct. The Fieldpiece STA2 includes the following:

  • Fieldpiece STA2 Hot-Wire Anemometer and a 9V battery
  • Replaceable probe with protective shroud
  • Magnetic rubber boot with hanging strap.

The most common use for this instrument is in a duct traverse. Before measuring, install your test ports in the proper location of the duct you plan on testing. You take readings in a grid pattern inside the duct to determine average velocity and airflow.

You can use a timed or point-by-point traverse. I recommend a point-by-point traverse for simplicity.

This anemometer is a great way to verify fan airflow when a blower wheel is dirty and you need an accurate measurement. You can also use it to check the airspeed moving across registers and grilles when customers complain of noise.

Furthermore, it helps you discover turbulence inside a duct system and verify the face velocity of air filters to assure they capture particulate.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Fieldpiece STA2, go to the National Comfort Institute store at ncilink.com/FieldpieceSTA2.

? by David Richardson, NCI Curriculum Developer and Instructor

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