Without giving it another thought everyone snapped into action. The mission: tear down the studio and set it up in the dry upstairs conference room in less than an hour.

Tear down and set up of our studio is typically a three-hour job. We knew we had to keep our heads clear as we took on different tasks.

Grace Under Pressure

Wading barefoot and soaked through the water we systematically moved the studio. An amazing calm and sense of purpose descended on every one of us. There was no choice – the show must go on!

My son, Nick, who produces our online training, did an incredible job, systematically connecting the computers, cameras, sound and video boards, and firing things up just 10 minutes before going on air. The entire team performed with amazing grace under pressure.

The training went off without a hitch, and nobody would have known, had David not revealed what had happened as he launched into the class.

The lessons from these two unrelated but significant events are first and foremost, when you have a team of people who really care, they will step up and do whatever it takes in the face of adversity. There was no shouting, no hysteria, just buckling down and getting it done.

Another lesson is to always have a contingency plan should things go south.

I know many contractors have faced similar and even worse adversities this summer with all the storms and other natural disasters. As I spoke to many of you across the country, I noticed one common thread: You remained calm and did what it took to get back in business ASAP.

Kudos to all of you and your teams who keep the machine of our industry running. You not only help keep people comfortable and safe in extreme weather, you often save lives — especially in the face of incredible adversity!