This is all part of building a brand. However, brand building also requires competitive compensation and benefits.

Competitive compensation packages help attract skilled technicians. According to Butch Mellot, having good packages that offer not only salary but benefits such as health insurance, retirement plans, paid time off, and opportunities for overtime and bonuses will incentivize top performers.

Most High-Performance HVAC contractors understand the importance of investing in employee training and development as part of their brand. Training not only enhances technician skills but also increases their loyalty.

At Kennihan Plumbing and Heating, training is a requirement for career advancement. “If a technician wants to head in a certain direction, we set out the training necessary to help them develop and grow along that path,” Montes says.

He adds that they offer HVAC system performance training through National Comfort Institute (NCI) and other training through local distributors on new products and emerging technologies.

Progressive’s Greg Wallace says, “We believe that training is one of the best ways to invest in our team. Training allows us to provide more value and expertise to our customers. Potential recruits are motivated by the training we discuss – from technical to soft skills, to business in some cases.”

Tom Spall on recruiting
Tom Spall

T.E. Spall and Son in Carbondale, PA, owner Tom Spall says that they market training as part of their entire package, including benefits.

He says reputation plays a big part in why potential employees seek out his company.

“Training is so important to us,” he explains. “We have a collaborative relationship with our local high school and career technology center (to promote hands-on careers within the high school environment) and several local trade colleges.

“Our mission is to work to help enhance their programs by participating on their advisory committee and assisting with training on specific topics such as air distribution and combustion testing. We also host classes for training sessions in our training center!”

Spall says this approach really hooks younger people.

“We interview candidates in our training center. It screams opportunity and pride in our craft.”

Creating a positive work environment is part of building a solid reputation among potential technicians and other job candidates.
Experts in business management say this is essential for employee satisfaction and retention.

For example, according to the Indeed website, employers should encourage open communication, recognize and reward employee achievements, and provide opportunities for career advancement within the company. Additionally, they should prioritize work-life balance by offering flexible scheduling options and promoting a supportive team culture.