Did you know that since 2016, on June 22nd, the United States celebrates National HVAC Technician Day? We dedicate this day to recognizing the vital work of HVAC technicians. I didn’t. But I recently learned about this day, and it makes all kinds of sense.

June 22nd honors our field service and installation technicians because it marks the start of the summer cooling season and serves as a reminder of their importance.

National HVAC Tech Day. June 22.

Sadly, most people don’t recognize this fact until their air conditioning systems fail. Our technicians are the unsung heroes whose work and dedication are felt by nearly every person living in the U.S. every day.

Not only do they work in some of the most ungodly conditions to ensure their customers’ homes, offices, and public spaces remain comfortable throughout the year, regardless of the outdoor weather, but they also commit to professionalism by undergoing extensive training.

Furthermore, with growing concerns about climate change and energy consumption, the role of HVAC technicians is more critical than ever. Think about how they are key players in reducing carbon footprints and promoting green building practices.

As technology advances, the industry continues to evolve. Systems are becoming more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly, using smart technologies for better control and monitoring. Our HVAC technicians are at the forefront of these changes, continuously adapting to new tools and methods to improve service and sustainability.

So, National HVAC Technician Day is an opportunity to recognize the dedication and skill of these HVAC professionals. From my perspective, it is also a time to recognize the importance of your investment in training your technician team and providing them with the tools and instruments they need to do their work.

For our High-Performance HVAC™ contractor readers, we want to recognize how you help your techs understand that their roles go beyond installing systems and fixing broken equipment. You teach and guide them through testing and measuring entire HVAC systems – not just equipment. Your influence as a company leader and manager helps drive technicians to excellence.

In this issue, we focus on people who influence not only their technicians and customers daily but also the direction of the entire HVAC Industry. Our High-Performance HVAC Influencers article is on page 10 and online at ncilink.com/2024Infuencers.

In addition, Dominick Guarino’s One More Thing column this month focuses on what it takes to create the ideal service technician. Read it on page 30 or online at ncilink.com/JuneOMT.

National HVAC Technician Day is a time to celebrate these hard-working professionals. It’s important to remember and appreciate the skilled technicians behind all of our comforts. Their expertise, dedication, and resilience make them modern heroes.