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This month we provide you instructions on how to use an Alnor EBT 730 micromanometer to measure open area airflow.

It includes step-by-step instructions on how to set the instrument up. The procedure sheet also highlights proper positioning of the velocity matrix and shares a formula you can use to convert fpm to cfm.

Illustrations make following the process faster and easier.

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Rob Falke, President, National Comfort Institute (NCI)

Colonoscopy and an HVAC Service Call

You might find it difficult to relate HVAC and colonoscopy customer service. In this blog post from 2017, NCI President Rob Falke compares how the medical profession addresses informing customers about their health issues versus how the HVAC profession addresses informing consumer’s about what  is going on with their comfort systems.

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David Richards, NCIHow Kinetic Are You?

NCI Curriculum Developer and Trainer David Richardson writes about how the use of energy is what drives an HVAC system. He goes on to define the differences between kinetic and potential energy and how each impacts an HVAC system.

Sound interesting? Well guess what — he then examines how we can apply these principles daily to our personal lives.

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Online University

National Comfort Institute, Inc. Online University

Featured this month is NCI’s course on Pulley Adjustment and Belt Sizing. Adjustable pulleys are the most common method for changing fan speed in light commercial rooftop and package units. In this course you will learn:

  • How to change the pitch on an adjustable pulley
  • Understand how to adjust motor mounts to set belt tension
  • Learn how to align the motor and fan
  • Be able to determine correct belt deflection
  • Learn the formula for determining new belt sizes.

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There’s An App For That …

There are many mobile apps intended for use by HVAC contractors. But who knows which ones are legit? NCI’s David Richardson has found a number of them pertinent to the Performance-Based Contracting Community™, and we present those here.

This month, we feature the ASHRAE HVAC Duct Sizer App. It is available in both the Apple and Google App stores and allows technicians to quickly size HVAC ducts using the constant friction method.

The app provides for sizing by airflow, dimensions, and “range of duct sizes.” You can specify duct shape, air temperature, and air pressure. All inputs and results can be emailed out for further analysis using your laptop or desktop computer.

The app costs $5.99 to download and was last upgraded on Feb. 18, 2018.