2019 Events that Rock the High-Performance HVAC Industry

AHR Exposition Recap

In January the HVAC Industry got together for the 89th annual AHR Exposition in Atlanta, GA. It has been 18 years since the last Expo was held there and this year it occupied 30% more space than it did in 2000.

Another big change — the number of sponsoring organizations. In 2019 more than 37 major industry organizations supported the Expo, along with more than 1800 exhibitors and 65,000 attendees.

Like every year at the expo, you can’t help feeling the positive energy as the HVAC Industry gathers to talk about the future. Showcased were the latest technologies, equipment, and services.

This includes high attendance in all the educational sessions, crowds working the show floor, and the after-hours events where contractors, engineers, manufacturers, and distributors hobnob and lay the groundwork for the upcoming year.

A Performance-Based Contracting Approach
NCNCI's Rob Falke teachesclass on HVAC system operation at AHR Expo 2019

Rob Falke teaches a full class about what it takes to get an installed HVAC system to operate at equipment-rated capacity during his session at AHR Expo 2019.

Among the supporting and sponsoring organizations was National Comfort Institute (NCI), of Cleveland, OH. As an exhibitor, NCI focused on meeting HVAC residential and light commercial contractors walking the trade show and sharing with them training and tools that can change their business and their approach to providing customer comfort.

In addition, NCI trainers conducted four seminars that focused on the processes and technologies behind Performance-Based Contracting. Instructors from NCI included Rob Falke, Scott Fielder, and Ben Lipscomb, who was partnered with Peter Jacobs of Building Metrics.

The classes were as follows:

  • Airflow Testing Accuracy in the Field
  • Quick Guide to Applying Fan and Pump Laws
  • How Much Energy Can HVAC System Balancing Save?
  • What it Takes to Get an Installed HVAC System to Operate at Equipment Rated Capacity.
NCI Engineer Ben Lipscomb, P.E. during his session on Airflow Accuracy in the Field

NCI Engineer Ben Lipscomb, P.E. during his session on Airflow Accuracy in the Field

In Airflow Testing Accuracy in the Field, Ben Lipscomb and Peter Jacobs discussed how advances in airflow instruments and technician certification have increased the accuracy of field airflow measurement in recent years.

They shared with the audience how test methods are simpler because of advanced instrument technology. Lipscomb said, ‘Technician skills are improving because of a steady rise in field airflow testing throughout the HVAC industry.’

Scott Fielder works the room, challenging the audience's knowledge of the fan and pump laws.

Scott Fielder works the room, challenging the audience’s knowledge of the fan and pump laws.

Scott Fielder’s session, Quick Guide to Applying Fan and Pump Laws, discussed the ins and outs of applying pump and fan laws in the daily life of every HVAC technician in the field.

He says, ‘Understanding these laws allows test and balance, commissioning, and facilities maintenance professionals to better apply and solve problems daily.’

How Much Energy Can HVAC System Balancing Save? That is the question Ben Lipscomb and Peter Jacobs asked attendees during their presentation of the same name. The answer — plenty.

‘Testing and balancing saves some energy, – Lipscomb says, ‘and additional testing will help you better diagnose problems, find hidden

NCI Director of Business Training and Coaching David Holt manned the booth and talked with contractors about the ‘Data to Dollars’ aspect of Performance-Based Contracting.

system shortcomings, and make customer repairs.’

Rob Falke shared with attendees during his session on What it Takes to Get an Installed HVAC System to Operate at Equipment-rated Capacity, how popular opinion about the difficulties of optimizing system performance is wrong. He went on to explain that by developing your testing skills, ‘finding system defects may be easier than you think.’ He went on to show this can be done.

Next year, the AHR Exposition will be in Orlando, FL, February 3-5, 2020. NCI, and National Balancing Council (NBC) will return as sponsoring organizations. Once again, they will provide a number of sessions as part of AHR’s educational program. Be sure to mark your calendar.


2019 NCI Summit Is Nearly Here

The National Comfort Institute (NCI) High-Performance HVAC Summit is just a month away. There is still time to register and book your hotel, but you need to hurry — space is at a premium and is running out.

This year the event, which will be held in Orlando, FL on April 15-18, focuses on the High-Performance Sales and Delivery Cycle and features five Performance-Based Contractors who will lead the sessions.

Jennifer Bagley

Jennifer Bagley

Furthermore, NCI recently announced the keynote speaker will be Jennifer Bagley, CEO of CI Web Group, an HVAC Digital Marketing Agency in both the U.S. and Canada. She will talk about how to create a system within your company that produces clarity, focus, and the ability to execute.

In addition, this year’s event features pre and post-summit training and activities as well as something new: ‘Ask the Coaches.’

This one-hour session will follow the popular Idea Meeting at 5 pm on Tuesday, April 16. It will use a Q&A format and features five top HVAC industry coaches who will focus on customer-facing topics including sales, marketing, and customer service.

‘This is a unique opportunity to interact directly with industry experts who can help make 2019 your best year ever,’ says NCI CEO Dominick Guarino.

The coaches include the following:

Visit GotoSummit.com to learn more about the sessions and special events happening at Summit 2019. Or turn to page 25 to see the Summit brochure. If You still have questions, call the NCI Customer Care line at 800-633-7058.


The Industry Mourns the Passing of Mike Moore

Mike Moore

On February 3, 2019 the HVAC Industry lost one of its own with the passing of Michael Moore. He was 64 years old. He passed quietly surrounded by his family.

Mike was extremely well-known in the HVAC industry and spent more than 20 years with Lennox Industries where he played a pivotal role in the development, growth, and success of Lennox Learning Solutions. He served as its director for the last 15 years.

Prior to that he was Vice President of Training for Service Experts and International Service Leadership, both prior subsidiaries of Lennox International. He’s credited with helping to develop many of the top contributors at Lennox and encouraging their progress along their career paths.