Connecting the Dots

Start connecting the dots between the customer’s complaint and what the report tells you. If the homeowner complains about the house being humid, consider offering a solution that involves verifying that the equipment is sized correctly by performing a Manual J calculation.

Then you can set the airflow of the equipment by matching the home’s sensible and latent requirements to the equipment’s performance data.

Finally you can set the system’s correct refrigerant charge.

Temperature is part of the answer

As you complete the steps needed to correct comfort complaints, ask yourself what happens if the system is oversized for the home.

You need to stop the process and have that conversation with the owner. Let them know that the oversized equipment is likely the cause of their home being so humid.

In this scenario, I usually find low airflow and high duct pressure. The nice thing about installing the correct size equipment is that it usually reduces your airflow requirements and lowers the static pressure, ensuring the system operates as designed. In this scenario, you might sell the customer a new, properly sized system.

Another thing I try to remember is to slow down and collect as much data as possible. It is essential to understand what the home needs vs. what it currently has installed. There is likely more than one issue contributing to the customer’s complaints.

And Finally…

Take a step back and look at the “Big Picture.” Identifying comfort problems becomes an art form. When you can solve these problems, you will develop a positive reputation, and customers will start spreading referrals like wildfire.

Being able to solve issues that other companies can’t puts you ahead of the game and eliminates your competition. This allows you to take the time necessary to do the right thing while charging what your company is worth.

Adam Mufich is the president of A-Team Heating and Air in Glen Ellyn, IL. He has been an HVAC tech for 20 years. This 75-year-old HVAC firm is family owned and employs NCI and NATE-certified technicians. To reach Adam, go to