The Impact OF NCI

Jason Nikkel says this about the training and guidance he gets from his membership in NCI: “The High-Performance approach that NCI teaches and preaches is a journey, an enlightening journey.

“For me, it put the light back in the business. Once upon a time, I grew bored with what was going on. NCI put meaning back into the HVAC contracting business for me. The High-Performance approach puts numbers to everything and lets me see what is happening with an HVAC system. That was very exciting to me.

“In my ignorance, I knew we did a great job. I just didn’t know how poor that great job was,” Nikkel said.

Nikkel adds that once they could find out what was happening in a system and quantify that, it brought everything back into focus. Interesting fact: he says that testing, measuring, and diagnosing airflow and other issues has saved his customers more than $5 million in combined energy costs.

How? He says he calculated this number by listening to and capturing what customers said their upgrades saved them in energy costs.

“Often, our customers call to say that our work helped them save $150 per month in energy costs. I kept track of that and just totaled those numbers, then averaged them out,” Nikkel explains.

“Over the years and over the many systems that we’ve installed, it just calculated to be more than I could imagine because it’s happening behind the scenes every day. Plus, I believe that number is even more significant if you tally up savings from all of NCI’s trained members and others.

“It’s what we all practice every day. The NCI approach helps us save lives and save energy like no other program out there.”

For these and so many other reasons, High-Performance HVAC Today has shined our contractor spotlight on JN Electrical and Temperature Controls. Congratulations to the entire team.