#HVAC Salesman Eric Johnson of AC by Jay

Eric Johnson is a “pro-people” salesman for Scottsdale-based #HVAC Company AC by Jay. He sells residential replacement and renovation for the contracting firm at an 80+% closure rate. Since 2012 he has consistently sold over $2 million annually.

You really can sell High Performance HVAC Systems if you first commit to doing it, and then take things one step at a time.

‘It’ is an interesting word. The dictionary definition includes: a crucial or climactic point; that one; an explicit or implicit state-of-affairs or circumstances; exactly what is needed or desired; a goal to be achieved.

I’m amazed that such a simple two letter word baffles, stumps, and even paralyzes many individuals.

To illustrate, the sports giant Nike first used the ‘just do it’ phrase in 1988 as the cornerstone of a new ad campaign, propelling the brand’s North American market share from 18% to 43% by 1998. While the campaign never defined what ‘it’ is, the slogan, combined with visuals of hard work and determination, motivated many people to get off the couch and pursue higher levels of physical performance in a variety of recreational and competitive venues.

Don’t Be Afraid of “It”

Why are we so afraid to just do it? Could it be that we like where we are? Is the fear of the unknown keeping us from achieving better results? Is hard work too big a price for the results we desire?

Most people do not realize that by just doing it, ‘it’ will literally improve every aspect of their lives. If everyone committed to this mindset with full devotion, failure would be absolutely impossible.

Therefore, I challenge you to adopt this potent mantra into your minds, hearts, spirit, and every fiber of your being. In other words, do it, and you will succeed.

What ‘It? IS

When it comes to Performance-Based Contracting’, there are no immediate promises of rewards up front. Notice I said no immediate promises or rewards. I’ll guarantee you this though – by the time you’re in second or third gear, cruise control is not far away. It’s going to require some work, adjusted plans, more sweat, and purposeful thinking. Once you commit to just doing it, it’s the coolest, sexiest, most fulfilling feeling in the entire universe.

So here’s a tip. The only way to do performance-based contracting is with absolute integrity. You must say what you will do and do what you say. Guess what folks? You can’t spell the word integrity without ‘it.’

“Once you commit to just doing it (Performance-Based Contracting), it’s the coolest, sexiest, most fulfilling feeling in the entire universe.”

I believe that most HVAC contractors lack a clear understanding of what the ‘it’ is that transforms their ordinary equipment replacement jobs into high-performance HVAC systems. This lack of clarity is the difference between an unprofitable business and one that is very profitable, that stands out in the crowd as the best.

For our company, AC by Jay, the ‘it’ is consistently delivering service that results in happy customers who willingly pay a premium price for a premium product and gleefully refer us to all their family and friends. Long story short, we’re committed to shattering our customer’s expectations.

Satisfaction is No Longer the Standard

We must comprehend that satisfaction is no longer the standard! Let me give you an example. Let’s talk about garbage collection. Trash collection day in my neighborhood is every Monday. I am 100% satisfied with the company that collects my trash. Now I don’t know the driver’s names, ages, ethnicity, favorite sports teams, or any of that stuff. My memory isn’t clear about what the sign on the side of the truck reads. But I’m satisfied. And why wouldn’t I be? I assume the driver is doing exactly what he or she is being paid to do. Right?

Now here’s the thing. Why is it that I’ve never run out to the garbage truck and professed my undying, unwavering love and appreciation to the driver or the company? Well, maybe it has something to do with the time that my trash receptacle was a little too full.

What Does My Trash Have to Do with HVAC?

So, I come home at the end of my work day. The trash truck has clearly come by and emptied my trash can. I love the technology they’ve embraced. They use a very impressive mechanical Transformer-like, death grip Terminator extension arm. But, here is the million-dollar question: since the trash collector has clearly emptied my can, why is my son’s dirty diaper, a half empty expired bottle of Pepto Bismol, and last night’s spaghetti and clam sauce spread all along the curb in front of my house?

Now imagine this? What if there was a company that delivered prudent, premium, and pristine performance? This company would be the personification of ‘Just Do It’ service!

It’s because the driver did exactly what he was paid to do. He did just enough to get his paycheck. He used his robo-claw to pick up my trash can and empty it into his truck. Heaven forbid he clean up the mess he left behind.

Typically, my garbage can isn’t too full and there is no trash left on the ground. Even though they successfully transferred my garbage to their truck, I’m still left with an empty nasty, smelly can. Ladies and gentlemen, we actually pay for that type of mediocre service every month!

Shattering Expectations

Now imagine this? What if there was a company that delivered prudent, premium, and pristine performance in waste disposal. This company would be the personification of ‘Just Do It’ service!

There would be no limit to the amount of trash you could leave at your curb. Imagine the trash collector not leaving one piece of trash behind. The driver would get out of the truck at every call and empty your garbage. He would then quickly pressure wash your garbage can, and the surrounding area. He would wheel your trash can up your driveway and park it where you desire.

Sounds like a lot, huh? But, how many of us would prefer this type of experience versus the one I previously described. There’s a reason I chose to use garbage to make my point. Garbage is what we throw away! So, if we all admit that we’d value a more hygienic and professional way of dealing with the crap we throw out, what type of experience do we owe our customers who entrust us with their family’s safety, health, comfort, and energy efficiency needs?

A trash collection company couldn’t be successful delivering expectation-shattering ‘just do it’ service if only one employee believed in ‘IT.’


I look forward to sharing more on how we do it at AC by Jay during the upcoming Summit Conference in Austin, Texas! See you there (If you ‘just do it’, that is)!

Meet Eric Johnson at NCI Summit 2018

High Performance HVAC Summit 2018 is happening March 4-6 in Austin, TX. Eric Johnson is one of six Performance-Based Contractors’ presenting how they Blaze A Trail to High Performance. Johnson sells approximately $2 million annually in residential replacement and renovations for AC by Jay in Scottsdale, AZ. He considers himself a ‘pro-person’ salesman and will share how his company approaches selling Performance-Based Contracting?. His presentation, You Too Can Sell High Performance HVAC – If You Just Do It! walks you through overcoming the inertia of getting started. He explains how his adaptation of the Nike slogan helps him really set AC by Jay apart in their marketplace.

Come meet Eric and network with your peers in Austin. Learn more about the Summit 2018 program at GoToSummit.com.


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