But anecdotally, we had another tracking system. My face! Everywhere I went, someone commented about seeing me on TV! It was crazy, and it happened every day!

Several of our first ads stood out. In the Minneapolis market area, we have several less-than-honest HVAC contractors!

They don’t send a technician to customers’ homes; instead, they send salespeople! The salespeople are equipped with a picture of a cracked heat exchanger and are turned loose on unsuspecting homeowners.

These salespeople just have to get into the furnace room for five minutes and come back and show customers the photo their managers gave them. Based on the fake picture, they tell the customers that their furnace is dangerous and must be replaced.

To add insult to injury, these contractors tell potential customers they can replace the furnace that day so customers don’t get a second opinion or price. These contractors then charge two to four times what the cost should be. Such practices are happening as you read this.

The Owens Companies is located in Bloomington, MN

By the way, other contracting outfits charge only $49 or even $19 for a tune-up! They want to get into a home to charge exorbitant fees for repairs and replacements.

Case Study

Two customers called us for a second opinion after encountering one of the two contractor types highlighted here. Our team went to their homes and found the furnaces were operating fine, each only needing a minor repair.

These two homeowners told their story for our TV commercial, and then I came on at the end and said, “Don’t let another company red tag your furnaces without getting a free second opinion from Owens Companies.”

This commercial has been a hit!

Our customers tell us they want a contractor they can trust!

Not only will we not “sell” them something they don’t need, but by following the National Comfort Institute protocols and looking at the whole system (not just individual components), we are providing added value and the right solutions for their home. Truly a win-win.

My message is first to train your people to know how to do the work right, then build your reputation for honest and good work. Don’t be afraid to talk about all of that, plus the services your company provides through good marketing.

Customers will grow to trust you, and your business will grow as a direct result.

John Owens is president and CEO of Owens Companies, Bloomington, MN. He is a second generation owner with 45 years of experience helping building owners run better buildings. The company pioneered preventive and predictive maintenance, which is the first step in controlling energy costs. His Home Comfort Division is helping homeowners reduce energy costs with equipment rebates and tax credits available.

The Owens Companies recently announced their partnership with Orion Services Group — a national platform built by partnering with exceptional family-owned facility services businesses. Orion will provide resources to help fuel Owens’ next chapter of growth.