Dominick Guarino, CEO, NCI on how to market #HVAC Performance

Dominick Guarino

Our readers often ask us, ‘how should we market what we do differently as a high performance contractor??

Below are some sample messages you can use on your website, social media, blogs, email marketing, and of course, traditional print marketing. I’ve broken the messaging into three categories based on the type of lead you are trying to generate:

  1. Service and Maintenance
  2. Replacement Sales
  3. Solutions to Poorly Performing Systems.

With this in mind, be sure to customize wording to fit your company offerings, the specific marketing vehicle, and what makes you different.

Service and Maintenance

For example:

“Our 21-point Performance Tune-Ups include certified airflow testing to help insure your home comfort system is operating at peak performance. This will improve comfort, reduce energy costs, and extend equipment life.”


“We provide certified, professional performance testing on every service or maintenance visit. Our technicians will give you a detailed, computerized report on the health and performance of your system, along with suggested improvements.”

Replacement System Marketing

Equally important to the printed word, here’s a longer message for websites and blogs:

“Thinking of replacing your old worn out furnace or central air system? According to the National Comfort Institute, every day thousands of homeowners pay top dollar for high efficiency equipment only to be disappointed by the lack of utility bill savings, and the same comfort problems they’ve lived with for years. Unfortunately, these problems typically cannot be solved by just installing new equipment.

At ABC Heating and Air, before we install a new furnace or air conditioner, our NCI airflow-certified technicians test your existing system to identify comfort issues and energy waste. We then offer solution options with your new installation. Once we’re done, we test again to make sure your system’ operates at peak performance.”

In contrast, sometimes you need just a short message:

“Our NCI certified technicians fully test every new system we install to help insure you get the maximum comfort and energy efficiency.”

Poorly Performing Systems

For the purpose of answering questions about HVAC systems that don’t work properly, use the following:

“Have you replaced your furnace or central air recently? Are you getting the comfort and energy efficiency you paid for? We train and certify or technicians to test your entire comfort system to make sure it operates at peak performance.”

“Tired of uncomfortable rooms, high utility bills, or poor indoor air quality? Our NCI trained and certified’ technicians’ fully test your system and help solve these typical home comfort problems once and for all.”

Great Images Complete The Picture

And finally, as the old saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. It’s important to balance words with images to help convey your message. You might include before and after pictures, or images of happy, comfortable families. Try to resist pictures of trucks and equipment. To differentiate your company, you can’t look like everyone else.

These are just a few approaches to how you can market your high performance HVAC services.

Let us know if you have others you’d like to share.