NCI Introduces New Refrigeration Clipboard

Update announcement: new refrigerant clipboard

News Update! National Comfort Institute (NCI) introduces its new Refrigerant-Side Performance clipboard which has 10 different tables and charts printed on it to help you complete refrigerant-side troubleshooting and diagnostics. The two-sided clipboard has the essential information so it is always at hand.

It includes the following reference charts and tables:

  • Wet Bulb to Enthalpy Conversion
  • Refrigerant-Side Troubleshooting Quick Chart
  • Target Enthalpy Change Table
  • Target Refrigerant Line Temperature Table
  • NCI Generic .30 in. of WC Constant Speed Fan Table
  • NCI Generic .50 in. of WC Constant Speed Fan Table
  • NCI Generic .80 in. of WC Variable Speed Fan Table
  • Residential Equipment Nomenclature
  • NCI Generic Heat Pump Performance
  • NCI Generic Cooling Capacities Table.

The clipboard update is made of high impact plastic and all the tables and charts are silk-screened right onto the board. They are clear and easy to read. The four-inch clip has great gripping strength so your papers won’t blow away.

Order your Refrigerant-Side Performance clipboards today. Call 800-633-7058 and talk to your NCI customer care representative.

Videos and Podcasts with Your NCI Team

News update: NCI increasing panel and podcast presence

The National Comfort Institute (NCI) is hitting cyberspace across the HVAC Industry via podcast interviews and video recorded panel discussions. In this latest news update, during the last two months NCI has addressed everything from attracting new people into the industry to the latest technologies that will impact the High-Performance HVAC approach to HVAC contracting.

In January, NCI CEO Dominick Guarino provided the high performance viewpoint on a streaming panel discussion of industry experts during the annual AHR Exposition in Chicago.

The panel included Guarino, and also Talbot Gee of HARDI, Ginger Scoggins of ASHRAE, Greg Walker of ASHB, Steve Yurek of AHRI, and Bryan Orr of HVAC School and Kalos Services.

Workforce development update

Check out this lively debate and discussion on the state of today’s market — the challenges and opportunities it presents and what lies ahead. Go to and watch the entire discussion today.

In another update, you can also listen to Dominick moderate another panel of experts who discuss HVAC Industry Workforce Development in this additional AHR Expo video.

Participants included representatives from industry training institutions, contractors, and manufacturers who shared their views on how this industry needs to build its workforce up to meet current and future needs.

Check out the stream of this discussion at

Bryan Orr podcast update

NCI also participated as facilitators and moderators during a number of training sessions at AHR Expo. If you missed them, no worries: just go to and check out the PowerPoint presentations today.

Additionally, if you want to listen to three experts discuss the opportunities and challenges facing plumbing and HVAC contractors in 2024 and beyond, check out this video from the 5th Annual HVACR Symposium:

Watch Bryan Orr of Kalos Services and HVAC School interview Dominick Guarino of NCI and Richard Trethewey from “This Old House.”