Dominick Guarino, CEO, National Comfort Institute, Inc.

Dominick Guarino

It’s hard to believe High-Performance HVAC Today is already celebrating its first full year! I can’t tell you how proud I am of our amazing team who work so hard to produce this incredible publication every month.

In addition to dozens of pages of editorials, industry news, and new product information, over the past 12 months we’ve published 12 spotlights on the movers and shakers of High-Performance HVAC. We also featured more than 45 articles by HVAC professionals and NCI staff.

A special thanks goes out to our advertisers. Your backing continues to help us provide the cutting-edge content our readers have come to expect every month. We now reach more than 15,000 subscribers across North America, Europe, and many other countries worldwide. It’s exciting to see our circulation grow each month.

Why HVAC Today is Different

If you’re a new reader, you might be wondering what makes High-Performance HVAC Today different. In short, this publication and the website were created to provide a voice for the growing group of industry professionals who are setting a higher bar.

These individuals are not satisfied to just service or install HVAC equipment. They are the caretakers of the entire HVAC system who know that to deliver high performance, they must test the systems they maintain and install. These contractors document performance, diagnose problems, and offer verifiable solutions to their customers. They see it as both a responsibility and an opportunity to improve safety, health, comfort, and energy efficiency in the homes and buildings they touch.

Can you imagine watching a baseball game where there’s no scoreboard, no umpire to call balls and strikes, and everyone on the field is wearing the same jersey?

High-Performance professionals embrace NCI’s motto, ‘If You Don’t Measure, You’re Just Guessing.’ This approach goes far beyond the technical aspects of testing and improving HVAC systems. For many HVAC contractors, it applies to the performance of their businesses as well.

When you set measurable goals and track how you perform against those goals, you experience meaningful growth in virtually every aspect of your business. Your KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), should track marketing, lead conversions, closing rates, operational performance – virtually every aspect of your business.

Can you imagine watching a baseball game where there’s no scoreboard, no umpire to call balls and strikes, and everyone on the field is wearing the same jersey? There would be no way to know what inning they’re in, and who is winning. But how many HVAC companies’ operate today with virtually no scoreboard? Your tax return doesn’t count. It’s too late by then.

Check Out Our Archives

In the archived issues of this magazine, you will find valuable information on building a Performance-Based HVAC organization. We are blessed by many contributors willing to share their knowledge, successes, and yes, failures as they move up the High-Performance path. Be sure to also spend time on the website where you have access to additional information, blogs, news, and so much more.

We welcome your feedback as we strive to make this publication better every month. Please let us know how we can make it more valuable. We also welcome aspiring authors willing to share your experiences and knowledge. If you have an article idea that can help your fellow professionals, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Happy First Anniversary High-Performance HVAC Today!