Though most of our respondents tell us they have yet to incorporate measurements and testing into their service agreements, 43% of them do, which is the difference engine that helps to set them apart from local competitors.

What Contractors Say Their Customers Are Saying

We asked High-Performance HVAC contractor survey participants what their customers say about the services they provide. The overwhelming response was, “no one ever does what you do.”

Chris Trujillo, manager at HASCO Air Conditioning in Riverside, CA, says, “this has been a shocker to some of our customers. I usually must explain how and why we measure and test.

“Customers are often surprised with the equipment (tools) they see me using to test their system and gather data. More importantly, they are relieved and thankful when we confirm their system is safe after checking for carbon monoxide.

“We have long-time customers of 30+ years who witnessed our evolution over time,” Trujillo adds.

Adding measurements and testing is the difference engine in your marketplace

Another typical comment respondents said they get from customers is about professionalism. In that light, contractor Roy White of Fixed Right and Guaranteed in Owings, MD, says, “I’ve only had one or two customers who’ve told me they’d experienced a contractor doing static pressure testing before us.

“More often, they say that no other contractor does testing and measuring. I feel this definitely helps with our reputation and all the social media love we get.”

Other respondents tell us that customers consider their technicians highly professional and courteous.

Interestingly, comments like these seem to contribute to increased morale among respondents’ technicians. More than half of them say their field teams take more pride in their work because of their NCI training and the results they bring to customers.

Spreading and Tracking the Good Word

As I mentioned before, in the case of the Babbage Difference Engine, very few in the business world at that time supported the idea of this new, before-its-time technology and approach to calculations, and so it died on the vine.

High-Performance HVAC Contracting, though not new by any means, is still considered by most to be ahead of its time. So how do contractors who provide this service keep it from dying on the vine?

In a word – promotion. Our survey shows that 43% of respondents use Google to promote and track their company and services reputations. With the advent of digital marketing, many have taken to using social media to inform and educate their customers and other homeowners in their market area.

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