Sometimes, discovery and exposure to better ways of doing things light a fire, build excitement, and lead to evolutionary changes that propel a business to new levels of success. Such is the case for Progressive Heating, Air, and Plumbing of Newnan, GA. Owner Greg Wallace, who started the company in 1994, became exposed to the concepts of High-Performance HVAC™ contracting sometime before 2014, which sparked a 10-year mission that changed everything.

Greg Wallace, one of the 2024 HVAC Influencers

Today, the 30-year-old company operates on a philosophy that requires testing, measuring, and diagnosing every HVAC system they encounter. Wallace says the processes are in place, and system performance is second nature with his team.

“We are in the service business,” he says. “That’s what we do. And we are here to train our team to be the absolute best at what they do.”

He has always believed in training and staying on top of changes that benefit his customers, community, and employees. He says, “To serve your customers best, you must have training. High-Performance HVAC™ contracting is the key, as taught by National Comfort Institute (NCI). As the trainers at NCI always say, ‘If you don’t measure, you’re just guessing™.

”Greg and the Progressive team understand that consumers deserve to receive the comfort and efficiency they are promised and pay for,” says NCI’s Dominick Guarino. “They believe the way to guarantee those results is through measured and verifiable proof. That is what we teach.”

This training and approach is something that Wallace has said can change the entire industry. He does his part by sharing his experiences through writing for a national HVAC trade magazine, participating in panel discussions at national and local tradeshow events, and more.

He will tell you that he sees many of his competitors also attend events and thinks this is good.

“I’ve learned that competitors can teach you things. We can all help each other combat the fly-by-night companies that sell on price and do half-baked work,” he says.

It’s this kind of thinking and sharing that benefits the entire Progressive team as well as his local marketplace. But it doesn’t stop there.

Wallace is a huge supporter of his community. He will tell you that the community he serves signs everyone’s paychecks at Progressive. He sees the need to give back by only buying vehicles from local dealers and supporting the local Boys and Girls Clubs of Metro Atlanta, Scouts, Habitat for Humanity, and many others. Wallace values sponsoring community events, supporting local schools and organizations, and more.

Progressive Heating, Air, and Plumbing’s journey from a small local business to a trusted industry leader is a testament to owner Greg Wallace’s unwavering commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. As the company continues to innovate and serve the Newnan community, it stands poised to shape the future of comfort and convenience in homes and businesses across the region.

We welcome Greg Wallace to the NCI Influencer Class of 2024 for these and many more reasons.