More NCI Membership Benefits: The Monthly PowerPack

NCI’s website is stuffed to the gills with content ready for you to log in and make use of. There is content for every attendee’s skill level.

One great advantage for the NCI membership is that each month, every member has access to the PowerPack, which provides you links to articles, downloads, webinars, and more.

NCI membership includes access tot he Powerpack

In that light, the July 2021 PowerPack is ready. Here is what you get:

  • Top 10 HVAC Performance Based Sales Obstacles (Download)
  • An Air Side Diagnostics Lesson (Download)
  • CO Levels and Risk Chart (Download)
  • HVAC for Rookies (Online Training Modules)
  • Master HVAC Pressure Diagnostics with NCI Static Pressure Budgets (Webinar).

Be sure to share the July PowerPack with your entire team. Just go to:

If you have any questions, or if you are unable to access any of the tools in this program, please contact your Customer Care team at 800-633-7058.

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