Ladies and gentlemen, whether you’re an NCI Member or not, the National Comfort Institute (NCI) 2020 High-Performance Summit is less than two months away. Now is the time to register and book your rooms at the fabulous We-Ko-Pa Hotel in Scottsdale, AZ. The event takes place from April 5th to 9th.

For complete details on what is happening at this year’s event, check out the Summit brochure on page 13 of the digital issue.

In a nutshell, Summit will focus on how you, as an NCI member, a company owner or manager, and team leader, should always be coaching for success. Summit is open to all HVAC professionals. It is THE gathering place for like-minded people to learn from and share knowledge with fellow High-Performance professionals.

The NCI Member and HVAC Industry Summit 2020 countdown clock

This year Summit consists of four days of special events. These include workshops led by 9 speakers, a trade show with 25 vendors, as well as the Partner’s Reception and Trade Show, and our Annual Awards Banquet.

Plus, Summit 2020 will see the return of the golf outing at the world-famous We-Ko-Pa Resort golf course.

Use Your NCI Bucks

Besides being able to use your banked NCI Bucks to cover the cost of your registrations, as an NCI member you can also use them to cover some other fees.

For example, NCI members can cover their golf fees with NCI Bucks. The cost is $260 per golfer which includes fees, lunch, and your cart. If you plan on renting clubs, you should call early to reserve them while they last.

NCI Member Bucks can also help pay for both pre- and post-convention NCI classes (Go to for more information). However, classes held by Goodman and R.E. Michel are not covered by Bucks.

The other special class hosted by Women in HVACR is free to all attendees.

So what are you waiting for?

Register today at

Power Up with the February Power Pack

Your February 2020 PowerPack is now online exclusively for NCI Members. Every month we hand-pick several digital tools for High-Performance contractors like you to help you on your journey towards success.

NCI Member Powerpack

So get ready and power up with this month’s downloads:

  • Value and Comfort Pre-Season Performance Air Conditioning Tune-Up Flyer (Download)
  • Fundamentals of Fan Airflow (Online Training)
  • Cooling Test-in Report (Download)
  • Static Pressure Test Diagram (Download).

Be sure to share the February Power Pack with your entire team! Get started today:

NCI’s Newest Partner: Hire Dimensions

National Comfort Institute announces the latest addition to our TIPP (Training Incentive Partner Program) offerings for members. Please join us in welcoming Hire Dimensions ‘ an online soup-to-nuts recruiting engine.

Hire Dimension is now part of the NCI member TIPP program

Hire Dimensions has more than 25 years of industry experience mostly working with and helping HVAC contractors manage their onboarding, hiring, and screening challenges.

By using Hire Dimensions through the NCI website, you can earn NCI bucks which help to pay for any NCI training, including things like registration for the annual High-Performance NCI Summit each year.

If you have any questions about Hire Dimensions or how to use the TIPP benefits, be sure to call (800) 633-7058 and talk to your customer care representative.

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