Happy New Year!
Here are 14 Reasons to Celebrate

Mike Weil, Director Communications, National Comfort Institute, Inc.

Mike Weil

It’s 2019!! I hope everyone had a fantastic New Year’s celebration and are fully recovered, ready to take on the future. As we mark the new year, I got to thinking about all the things we, the High-Performance HVAC Contracting Industry, have and should be thankful for.

So, without further ado, join me in celebrating:

  1. Our Customers: We thank those who enable us to work our trade by understanding the value we provide, and buy our duct renovations and air upgrades
  2. Our Training: Performance-Based Contractors’ are among the best trained HVAC contractors in the industry
  3. Our Uniqueness: This segment of the industry stands out and provides distinctive opportunities other contractors just don’t have access to
  4. Our Abilities: We can truly control comfort in any building. And we can prove it!
  5. Our Profession: Because our profession is unique, it cannot be outsourced to another country. It is purely American.
  6. It’s easy to be a star, to outshine your competitors if you have the desire to do so.
  7. Our Careers: High-Performance Contractors have a great career path for their employees to follow
  8. Our Products: As High-Performance Contractors, our product is ourselves. Therefore every contractor is unique and no one can steal what we design, sell, install, and maintain
  9. Our Self-Determination: Our businesses and opportunities are 100% controlled by us — not some outside influence, corporation, government or other entity
  10. Our Technology: We have access to the very best HVAC equipment, tools, and testing/diagnosing instruments. They enable us to ply our trade to the best of our ability
  11. Our Ability to ‘Shine?: As Doc Rusk, one of my 20th Century contractor heroes used to say, ‘HVAC is a dirty business, but it is so easy to be a star, to outshine those around you, if you have the desire to do so?
  12. Our Opportunities: Performance-Based Contractors’ have so many potential opportunities open to them. We are limited only by our decisions when it comes to training, creativity, and culture
  13. Our Own Membership Organization: National Comfort Institute and all its partners provide the High-Performance HVAC Industry with their own sounding board, training, and educational resource
  14. Our Own Conference: The High-Performance HVAC Summit is a unique Peer-to-Peer networking opportunity for Performance-Based Contractors. See Dominick Guarino’s comments on page 38 for reasons why you should attend
  15. Our Own Magazine: OK — this one is maybe more personal. But High-Performance HVAC Today is the digital and print voice for Performance-Based HVAC contractors everywhere and I have the honor and responsibility to manage it.

So those are some of the reasons to celebrate the new year and to get yourself fired up for the next stage of your journey to performance. May 2019 bring you and your team great success.

I look forward to seeing you at Summit 2019.