Five Performance Workshops

NCI Summit workshops immediately followed the game show with attendees spending the day in groups moving from room to room so they could attend every class.

The 2019 Workshops included:

  • Generate High Quality Leads with Performance Testing ‘ presented by Michael Hartman of Thomas E. Clark, Inc. and David Richardson of NCI
  • Turn High-Performance Leads into Appointments ‘ presented by Nancy McKeraghan of Canco Climate Care and David Holt of NCI
  • Performance-Based Selling in 12 Steps, from Test to Proposal ‘ presented by Michael Hyde of Hyde’s Air Conditioning and Rob Falke of NCI
  • The Handoff Can make All the Difference ‘ presented by Dawn Vickers-Mroczek of GV’s Heating and Cooling and John Puryear of NCI
  • Sell High-Performance Maintenance Agreements — presented by Jim Ball, Ball Heating and Air Conditioning and Tom Johnson of NCI.

The Idea Meeting

Once again NCI hosted the Annual Idea Meeting where all contractor attendees chip in an entry fee and gather behind closed doors to share ideas on two major aspects of the High-Performance Sales and Delivery Cycle: Lead Generation and Sales.

Moderating the event was David Squires of Vincent’s Heating and Plumbing and Mike Weil of NCI. This hour-long meeting was divided into two sessions: one dedicated to High-Performance Lead Generation, the other to Sales.

Attendees presented their ideas on each topic and then voted for those they felt were the best.

The winning ideas were from:

  • Jim Betlam, John Betlam Heating and Cooling
  • Corrie Johnson, TM Johnson Bros., Inc.

Ask the Coaches

Immediately following the Idea Meeting, NCI hosted a new event called Ask the Coaches. This panel of five HVAC Industry coaches — moderated by NCI’s CEO Dominick Guarino ‘ worked interactively with the audience to answer key customer-facing topics, including sales, marketing, and customer service.

Coaches gathered to answer share their expertise with contractors attending 2019 NCI Summit Opening general session.

The coaches on the panel included:

  • Drew Cameron, President, HVAC Sellutions, Inc.
  • Brigham Dickinson, Trainer and Coach, Power Selling Pros
  • David Holt, Director of Business Training and Coaching, National Comfort Institute
  • Dennis Mondul, consultant, HVAC Contractor Solutions
  • Tom Piscitelli, Sales Coach, TRUST? Training and Consulting.

Partner Tradeshow

Just under 30 exhibitors managed their table-top displays all around the general session ballroom, so contractors had the opportunity to talk with them during breaks and regularly scheduled tradeshow hours.

Exhibitors also participated in NCI’s annual Preferred Partner Prize Drawing where attendees received ‘game cards’ that had to be stickered by each exhibitor, then turned in to be eligible for the drawing.

State of the High-Performance HVAC Industry

Tuesday morning, April 17, the morning general session was headlined by NCI CEO Dominick Guarino who discussed the state of the High-Performance HVAC Industry and NCI’s role in it.

In fact, Guarino told the group that he sees an increase in the number of Performance-Based Contracting’ firms across North America as well as ‘an increasing awareness among consumers that there is a better way.’

Guarino says this is just the beginning and feels there are some positive steps to take to make true performance more than a niche in the overall HVAC Industry.

‘For starters, we need to recognize this is not an add-on service or product,’ he said. ‘It must be integrated into your company culture. Furthermore, we have to educate consumers with every chance we get. Testing needs to be integrated into every maintenance visit and service call.

‘In other words, success will follow behavior. If we build these habits in our businesses, they become who we are ‘ and I can point to many of you out there who are living it and experiencing the benefits of it every day!?

The Closing

Rob Falke’s closing remarks introduce the concept of the “Teachnician.”

In NCI President Rob Falke’s closing remarks, he continued with the theme of ‘teaching.’

Falke’s comments focused on the powerful influence the Performance-Based HVAC technician can have if they approach their jobs and customers in the role of teachers.

‘That role is to teach customers about their HVAC and air distribution systems and show them how to make the best decisions in their specific circumstances,’ Falke said.

He came up with a name for the techs who take this approach – ?Teachnicians.’

‘The secret to influencing your customer’s purchase decisions is to teach them the principles about their problem until the knowledge you give them confirms your recommendations are true,’ he said.

‘Once they have trust and confidence in you, they will respond by buying the products and services they need and want as a result of what they learned.’

He concluded by saying that ‘Teaching closes more sales than selling,’ and that is ultimately the theme of the Summit 2019 event.

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