What We Look for In A Contributor

High-Performance HVAC Today strives to be written for High-Performance contractors by High-Performance contractors (and those that wish to become Performance-Based Contractors).

As an author, you have a tremendous opportunity to stand out in your marketplace. You can think of your articles as content that you can use to market to customers and even future employees.

Some Ideas of What sort of articles we're looking for
  • Something that you’ve addressed or overcome from which others can learn
  • What tools (whether they are test instruments or management systems, etc.) have you found to accelerate your path to high-performance?
  • What processes help you in the field and/or office?
  • What is happening in the overall HVAC industry that is impacting your Performance-Based Contracting’ business?
  • Who are some of your heroes in the High-Performance HVAC universe, and why?
  • How you added performance to your service agreements
  • How you use social media to promote and differentiate your company in the marketplace and educate customers
  • How do you talk to your customers to explain advanced subjects in a way that they understand?
some ideas that are what we're not looking for
  • General HVAC Industry news.’ There are several sources for general news, this magazine is focused on the High-Performance HVAC Industry, a smaller, but growing section of the HVAC Industry at large.
  • Tweets and short posts.’ We’re on Twitter, and if you’d like to have us follow you, just ask.
  • Reposts. We can’t just repost articles from your blog or other magazine. It hurts both website’s search engine rankings.
  • Opinion pieces unrelated to High-Performance HVAC
  • Press releases, unless focused on High-Performance HVAC

The bottom line is that you are the experts. Our readers want to hear from you.

We know that some of you have something to say, but may not feel comfortable with writing. Not a problem. We’d love to work with you to develop your article(s). We have a lot of experience in helping HVAC professionals and industry professionals articulating their ideas. All articles are edited and you have final approval. We may need to push articles to different issues if time restraints make that necessary.

As a token of our appreciation, all guest authors will receive a hard copy (printed) version of the issue that their article appears in.


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