Have You Entered Your Photo Yet?

We constantly hear stories of crazy installations and service discoveries that HVAC professionals find while doing their daily rounds. If you or your co-workers come upon such things, why not snap a photo of it and send it into us? Who knows, it could mean you win a $50 gift card!!

HVAC Today Photo-of-the-Month Winner Trinity Air, Inc.

Brad Hoff, left, service manager for Trinity Air, Inc., presented the gift card to Zech Evans who snapped the wining picture for our August contest.

Just ask Brad Hoff and Zech Evans of Trinity Air Inc., Peachtree City, GA, who submitted the winning photo in the August contest.

Says Hoff, “Thank you for the gif card!  The gentleman to the right of me in this photo — Zech Evans — is the one who took the actual photo and I submitted it for the contest. I presented the gift card to him in a recent service meeting. Again, thank you and we hope to send you more photos in the future of the crazy things we come across.”

If you missed it, check the winning entry here.

The OCTOBER 2018 High Performance HVAC Photo of the Month Contest is on!

This contest if for real  and you can put yourself in the running by sending in photos of what you see in the field every day.  Just snap the picture, then go to this link and upload it. Be sure to include your name and a fun description of what is happening in the photo. It’s that simple.

We are looking for pictures of a project or installation you’ve encountered in the field that was really superb, not so good, or so bad all you could say was, ‘What the heck?’

We will post your image on the HVACToday.com website starting on September 20th so people who come to the website can vote on their favorites. The person submitting the winning entry will receive a $50 gift card.

What Do You Need to Enter?

  • A photo (or two) that highlights the installation and what is right (or wrong or “what the heck”) with it.
  • Your contact info
  • A short message that briefly explains what’s going on in the picture.  We will use the message as the heading for the photo, so be creative!

Again — submit everything at this URL: http://ncilink.com/PhotoOfMonth. Be sure to enter your information correctly so we can contact you if you win.

Winners will be notified via email, and announced on HVACToday.com and in High Performance HVAC Today magazine. We will also announce them via social media.

So get your entries in NOW!!!

NOTE: By uploading an image you agree that NCI has permission to use the photo(s). Winners will be announced via the HVACToday.com and social media.